About Us

Hello, my name is Douglas Marrisette. I am the CEO and Founder of hoophub.com. I created this business out of my love for the game of basketball.


HoopHub’s mission is to inspire basketball lovers to be more confident with their talents, to work harder toward their goals, and to show their love for their favorite basketball players through stylish and comfortable pieces of clothing.


Basketball is like a bridge that links the worlds of sports and entertainment together. How? Think about this:

Basketball players supporting rappers, singers, and actors. 

Rappers, singers, and actors supporting basketball players.

It’s not an unusual sight when big names in the entertainment world are seen courtside cheering for their favorite NBA teams and players.

Same goes for players seen at concerts or movie openings of singers and actors.

It gives fans a chance to be part of both industries, a chance to give their support to both the basketball and entertainment world at the same time.


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